Protection & Planning Services

Asset Protection

Successful business owners take risks.  We understand and respect that.

Our asset protection advice will create the best asset ownership structure for your business.

We’re here to protect you with expert asset protection strategies that will build a secure wall between your business and personal assets, protecting them from liability, creditors and other threats to your business.

We’ll give you clear and actionable asset protection strategies that will keep your assets, your business and your future secure – for the long-term.

Succession Planning

Business partnerships can sometimes fall apart, and if things get messy it can result in broken relationships, expensive legal fees, disruption to the business and severely diminished returns.

With our succession planning consultants, you can plan ahead to create a clear, straightforward and legally binding succession plan that you can follow when your business ownership changes in anyway.

We will ensure you have strong agreements in place, be that a partnership agreement, a shareholder agreement or a unit holders’ agreement. We can also refer you to a lawyer from our trusted alliance network, or we can liaise with lawyers you nominate.

We will provide you with expert succession advice and develop succession strategies that will cover such instances as:

  • Selling your business to a third party
  • Passing on your business to a family member
  • Establishing a buy-sell agreement with your partner
  • Creating strong shareholder agreements to protect you in deadlocks and mediation.

Retirement Planning

Aintree Group will show you how to capture tax benefits and create a range of retirement planning strategies, including:

  • Structuring your retirement investments so they are tax effective
  • The pros and cons around setting up your super fund, including self managed super funds (SMSF)
  • Tax planning for your super or pension
  • The tax benefits of borrowing through your superannuation. 

Estate Planning

We know you want your family and beneficiaries to get your wealth, not the tax department.

We can show you different ways to maximise your estate by minimising taxes and hidden expenses. Where required, we can refer you to an estate lawyer from our trusted alliance, or liaise with your own lawyer.

Through the entire estate planning process and after you’re gone, we will continue to act as a facilitator between you, your family and your lawyers.

Aintree Group estate planning advice covers the most tax effective and watertight way to deal with:

  • Writing a valid and legally binding will
  • Appointing an executor or trustee
  • Setting up testamentary trusts
  • Beneficiaries and family provision
  • Property ownership
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Superannuation nominations.

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