Boardroom Hire

We have a modern and spacious boardroom at our Camberwell office, with lots of natural light and a beautiful full-length view of the Lower Reserve parkland. 

It seems a waste not to share this wonderful space, so we're happy for our clients, community members, small businesses and not-for-profits to utilise our boardroom if they need somewhere to host an event. 

It's perfect for round table board meetings, networking events, seminars, workshops and corporate presentations. It's also accessible without going through our Aintree Group office area - so don't worry about your event interfering with our daily work!

Please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch with a quote based on your individual needs.

First Name
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Type of Event

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How do you require the boardroom to be set up?
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Options include:
- Large, central rectangle tables (fits approximately 12-15 people)
- Rows of chairs facing front of room/projector (up to 40 chairs)
- Smaller rectangle tables (4-8 people per table, maximum 5 tables)
- Completely empty
- Circle of chairs (up to 40 chairs)
- Tables and/or chairs against side walls                                                                                                                            
Do you require us to set up the board room for you ahead of time, do you require assistance setting up the board room, or will you complete set up and pack-up yourself? (Give additional details if necessary)
Do you require additional assistance from an Aintree Group employee during your event?* (Give additional details if necessary)

*An Aintree Group employee will be on hand at the beginning of your set up time to show you where to access bathrooms, how to connect to Wi-Fi and the projector, and kitchen facilities if relevant. They will also assist with moving tables and cleaning after the event. Please indicate “yes” above if you require assistance beyond that (e.g. preparing or serving food, coffee runs, taking photographs). Please be specific about what you require help with.

Access to additional facilities

The following items will automatically be available when hiring our board room:

  • Access to the board room
  • Access to bathrooms
  • Access to the balcony
  • Hot water urn
  • Glasses and mugs
  • Water, tea and coffee

If you require access to any additional facilities (e.g. kitchen, projector, wifi connection, access to fridge or freezer, whiteboard, crockery and cutlery) please specify below.

Will there be refreshments served at the event?

If "Yes", please provide more details below, including who is providing the food, and contact details if it is a third party (e.g. restaurant, catering company, attendee).

Catering details

Please include any further details about your event below that you think will be relevant: