Our Clients

Here’s what some clients say about their partnership with Aintree Group…

I cannot stress enough what a difference it has made to my business to move my accounting to the Aintree Group. As a business owner it is essential that I receive sound advice, on-time reporting and complete compliance with ATO rulings. I rely on the Aintree Group to provide all those things, but they also do so much more for my business.

Since moving my accounting to the Aintree Group my business has gone from sole trader, employer and an ever-growing client base. A good part of this dramatic growth can be attributed to the support and advice I receive from the Aintree Group. As my business grows I need advice on a wide range of matters including HR, legal issues, commercial financing, structuring my personal financial affairs, the list goes on.

Aintree Group is the sort of pro-active, business focussed, entrepreneurial firm that I need working with me in order to create the sort of business I want. I would sincerely recommend any business that is serious about achieving growth and profitability to talk to Shane & Andrea at the Aintree Group.

Angela den Hollander, Head Honcho, communic8 design

Aintree Group are an accounting firm like no other, with personalities that make finance fun. Whilst they are brilliant with figures, asset protection and business structures, they also understand there is more to business than cost cutting, balance sheets and the bottom line. I know my business is in good hands, yours should be to!

Brad Drury, Managing Director – Sales, New Touch Laser Cutting

Thank you to Shane and the Aintree Group Team for your guidance in our financial matters over the past five years. You are always only a phone call or email away. You have supported me with advice in taxation, superannuation, asset protection and corporate compliance. The most important advice, however, has been around how to structure new ventures. You are always ethical in your dealings and think about my interest in the longer term.

Dale Corrigan, Director, Sales Solutions Plus

Aintree is a young and dynamic accounting company that should be at least in the mix if you are looking for a new service provider. I took the risk and followed the principals of Aintree as they left a long-established mid-sized accounting partnership … and I could not be happier.

Over the years I have found them to be proactive and progressive while still maintaining a steadying conservatism that lets me sleep well at night. They have understood my company and individual needs and I am happy to say that I expect Shane and the crew to look after my family interests long, long into the future.

When I think of Aintree the words “Trusted Advisor” come to mind. There is little I do in business where they would not be consulted as to the best way to tackle new initiatives.

Bill Butcher, Managing Director, National Interface Pty Ltd

“We’ve been working with the Aintree Group now for over 12 months and the experience has been pretty rewarding so far. Having cycled through a number of passive accountants in the past, our current experience at Aintree has been exceptional.

The transition from our past accounting firm to Aintree was smooth and painless with Shane taking control of the communication process between our previous accountants, ensuring nothing fell through the gaps.

We have found Shane to be proactive and genuinely interested in our business and its performance. Shane has been very active in assisting with a number of financial decisions which have helped build our confidence in the direction we are taking while also balancing risk.

We are now looking into our personal finances to ensure we are appropriately positioned to both protect and grow our current financial position.

Aintree are a critical part of my advisory team and I’m very glad to have them on board!”

Gene Alessi, Director, Core Principles