Financial Health Check - Business

1. A quick introduction...

First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Business Name
How old is your business?
Business Website
Number of employees

2. The nitty gritty....

Do you have a budget and projected cash flow forecast for the next 12 months?

Do you know what your break even point is?

Do you price your goods/services to cover your breakeven margin?

Do you have a good understanding of your gross profit?

Do you have a process in place for following up customer's who owe you money?

If customers owe you money, do you keep track of how much they owe and how overdue payments are?

Are you keeping up with the bills you owe other businesses (e.g. Suppliers) ?

How would you describe your relationship with your suppliers?

Are you up to date on your payments to the ATO?

If you employ staff, are you keeping up with all your employer obligations (e.g. PAYG Withholding and Superannuation)?

Are you reviewing your cost structure quarterly? If not, how often do you review your prices?

Do you speak to your accountant more than once a year?

Do you have a bookkeeping system in place that gives you your financial data?

3. What are your short-term business goals? (Next 6 months - 5 years)

4. What are your long-term business goals - including any plans for selling your business, succession and retirement, revenue goals or expansion?

5. The top three sources of stress in my business are: