Aged Care Seminar

Date: 15 Oct 2019, 6:30pm - 8:30pm (GMT+10:00) Melbourne

Aged Care is a sensitive topic, and combines complex, emotional decisions with a confusing maze of bureaucratic hoops to jump through. Unfortunately it's also something that everyone will have to face at some point in their lives - either as a choice to make for themselves, a parent or their partner.

So we're providing the ultimate information point for you to educate yourself on the choices available to you and your family, and the steps you can take now to ensure the happiest outcome for your loved ones.

This seminar is free, and open to all - and we definitely encourage you to bring along friends and family, to spark an incredibly important conversation that far too often is left too late! Even if it seems like Aged Care is not relevant to you yet, it is so important to be prepared.

Aged Care can be difficult to discuss, but this seminar highlights the importance of planning early, talking with your family about their wishes and needs, and educating yourself so you can make informed decisions when it matters.


Tuesday 15 October
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Aintree Group, Level 1 273 Camberwell Road, Camberwell

Our Keynote Speakers:

Jayne Maini from My Care Path is not tethered to any aged care provider, but rather shows families all the options available to them, and helps them through the process to find the most suitable outcome for their circumstances. She will highlight what every family needs to know about Aged Care, what options are available, and how to navigate the extremely complicated Aged Care System in Australia.

Stephanie Rendell is the Head of Wills and Estates at RNG Lawyers, and will be giving important insight to the legal side of Aged Care, including the importance of having sound Wills and Estate Planning in place. Stephanie is passionate about assisting vulnerable clients get the quality legal advice they deserve, and looks for creative solutions to complex personal circumstances.


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