The female team members at Aintree Group are a strong force in our business. We have 14 women in a team of 23, and they’re represented across the board, in every corner of our office – including accounting, admin, management and bookkeeping.

 This year we’re involved in Practice Ignition’s Women In Accounting initiative. This is designed to raise awareness and appreciation for the wonderful ladies who have bloomed in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

 It’s often the case to show up to an accounting roadshow, workshop, seminar or networking event and be surrounded by a sea of male accountants, and male brand-reps who are marketing everything in a way designed to appeal to men in the workplace.

 It takes a broad scope of knowledge, experience and skill-sets to keep a modern accounting firm running smoothly. The women at Aintree Group combine to provide a unique blend of intelligence, strength, industry knowledge, business intuition, technological know-how, team spirit and creativity that allows our business to flourish. 

 Women In Accounting is here to demonstrate the importance of female representation in the accounting industry, as a new generation of young girls make their way through school, looking for future career paths where they will be encouraged to thrive.

 We think our fearless females at Aintree Group are truly special. If you believe you know a wonderful lady who is taking the accounting world by storm, then make sure to nominate them for Practice Ignition’s 2019 Top 50 Women In Accounting! We’re definitely putting in nominations for our team!

 Introducing Aintree Group’s wonderful women of accounting…

Andrea McKenna Director

Linda Perry Business Manager

Teagan Thomas Supervisor

Amanda Lew Accountant

Hannah Trinh Accountant

Katherine Chan Accountant

Anne Burridge Chartered Accountant & Superannuation Administrator

Lorena Thomas Bookkeeper

Sue Dowling Bookkeeper

Simone Thompson Client Service Coordinator

Jo Young Executive Assistant

Bernadette Galbally Client Service Assistant

Chelsea Carter Communications, Events & Marketing Coordinator

Charlotte Todd Administration Assistant