We have some special events coming up this month, including an Aged Care Seminar we're hosting on Tuesday 20 March.

To find out more details, and to register your interest, see below.

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  • About our Aged Care Seminar.
  • TFN security reminder.
  • Land tax 2018.
  • Recommended reading.
  • Aintree Group footy tipping.

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Key Dates 2018:

12 March - Labour Day Public Holiday (Office Closed).
19 March – Plant: Grow: Reap coaching session.
20 March – Aged Care Seminar.
21 March – February monthly BAS due.
30 March - Good Friday Public Holiday (Office Closed).

Aged Care Seminar:

We're hosting Jayne Maini from Millenium Aged Care, who will be running a seminar on aged care on Tuesday 20 March.

This seminar can provide valuable insight into the different options available, and what is best fitted for your situation. You may be looking for guidance now, or simply be interested in knowing the options available for future reference.

Event Details

6pm, Tuesday 20 March 2018

Aintree Group Conference Room
294 High Street, Kew VIC 3101

Light freshments will be provided.


Chelsea Carter - Communications Coordinator
Monday 12 March 2018. 

Tax File Number Security Reminder:

Do you send financial information to your bank, financial planner, or lawyer?
If you do, please make sure you've removed your tax file number (unless it's requested explicitly).

You run the risk of your personal information being intercepted by hackers and scammers if you are emailing or posting personal information such as a TFN.

Land Tax 2018:

Land tax assessments for 2018 will be released soon.

If you own property in Victoria, paying land tax depends on many factors, including the land you own, what it is used for, and its total value.

Key things to know:

1. If the total value of all taxable land you own is $250,000 or more, then you will incur land tax.

2. Taxable land doesn't include exempt land, such as your principal place of residence.

3. Absentee owners are required to pay a surcharge

We highly recommend giving the following video a watch if you're not sure about how Land Tax works in Victoria.

Video: State Venue Office Victoria.

Get in touch with us if you have any further questions about how land tax will apply to you. 

Recommended Reading:

Flexible Long Service Leave
The Long Service Leave Bill 2017 was introduced late last year and if passed, it will change Victoria’s long service leave scheme in quite a few ways. Business owners should be prepared for potential upcoming changes, and employees should also familiarise themselves with the Bill, so they know how and when they can use their LSL.

Find out more...

Footy Tipping

Every year Aintree Group holds a footy tipping competition amongst the staff through footytips.com.au, and this year we're opening it up to clients and friends!

Entry is $10 per person, which goes towards prize money for first, second and third place.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Jo via email at jyoung@aintreegroup.com.au before 16 March 2018.


You can always reach us via email at info@aintreegroup.com.au.
Send through any queries, and we'll make sure the right person handles it for you. We will get back to you as soon as possible after the office reopens.


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