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Dear Aintree Group Community,

This month we're looking forward to a very exciting new change for Aintree Group - we're moving into a wonderful new office space! (We're not venturing very far from our current location).

We have been getting a little tight on space recently, so from Monday 15 October 2018, you will find us at Level 1, 273 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell 3124 - right near Camberwell Junction.

If you're curious, there are more details below, including our "moving day" and how we will be operating during this time.

Kind regards,

Shane McKenna


  • Our new office! 
  • Upcoming key dates.
  • Changes to company tax rates. 
  • Recommended reading this month.
  • Getting your feedback!

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From Monday 15 October 2018 our new address will be Level 1, 273 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell 3124.

Our contact phone number, 03 9851 7999, will remain the same. 

We will be closing our Kew office on Friday 12 October 2018. We’ll be open for calls and emails at Kew until 12pm, but after this time we will have all hands on deck unplugging computers and phones and filling boxes ready for the move to Camberwell.

If you need to reach us by phone urgently on Friday 12, Saturday 13 or Sunday 14 October, you will need to call 0401 843 230 where you can leave a message.

We anticipate being back up and running by midday on Monday 15 October, obviously there may be unexpected issues, so please bear with us if you can’t reach us on the office phone number, the number above will remain active and you can be assured we will have that number attended during office hours.

Fortunately, because 90% of our business is conducted in the cloud, all we need is a computer and a wifi connection to make sure we can still provide you with the Aintree Group service, we anticipate very little downtime.

We'd like to thank you for your support and cooperation during this very exciting period of change for our business. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

Key Dates 2018:

08 October - Term 4 begins for Victorian schools.
12 October - Aintree Group office closure from 12pm, reach us urgently on 0401 843 230.
15 October - Our new Camberwell office opens!
22 October - September Monthly BAS due.
29 October - September Quarter Super Guarantee due.
29 October - September Quarterly BAS due.
29 October - September Quarter PAYG instalment due.
31 October - Halloween

Company Tax Rate Changes

Legislation passed by Parliament in late August introduced a new test that will restrict some companies from accessing the lower company tax rate from the 2017-18 financial year.

For the 2017-18 income year, the lower company tax rate of 27.5% is available to ‘base rate entities’. This means a company that had an aggregated turnover of less than $25 million and no more than 80% of its assessable income for the year was classified as “base rate passive income” (which includes things like rental income, interest and some dividends).

While the new $25 million turnover threshold is good news for many companies, the new passive income test will create a problem for others and potentially move them from the reduced rate to the higher general 30% company tax rate. This also has an impact on the maximum franking rate that applies to dividends paid by companies in the 2018 income year onwards.


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