How will Stage 4 Lockdown impact me, my family and my business?

We are sharing this information in the hope it helps keep you informed and safe, and so you can reach out for help where necessary.

The situation in Victoria is constantly-changing and we will endeavour to provide another update of relevant information later when it becomes available.

For a full list of stimulus packages and other assistance available for people who are struggling, please click here

Victorian Lockdown Update

From Sunday 2 August, Stage 4 restrictions are in place for Metropolitan Melbourne and Stage 3 restrictions in place for regional Victoria. 

In Melbourne you can only leave your house:

  • To purchase food and necessary supplies. This must be done within a 5km radius from where you live. Only 1 person per household can leave for essential goods, and only once per day. 
  • Exercise once a day for up to 1 hour within a 5km radius of your home. Gathering sizes will be limited to 2.
  • For care and health care including accompanying someone for essential medical care if you are a carer, guardian or necessary support person. The 5km limit does not apply to care or caregiving.
  • Work. The 5km limit does not apply to work.
  • To visit your partner or as part of formal or informal shared parenting arrangements.
  • You can always leave home in case of an emergency, including to escape family violence.


  • Curfews will be in operation from 8pm to 5am every evening. People are only allowed to leave their house for work and essential health, care or safety reasons during curfew times.
  • You must wear a face covering when you leave your home.
  • All schools will return to remote learning, excluding vulnerable children and children of permitted workers.
  • Study at TAFE and university must be done remotely.

Impact on Businesses:

Businesses in Metropolitan Melbourne will be put into one of three categories, which will determine how they will (or won't) be permitted to operate in the next six weeks. 

  • Category #1 - Businesses that will remain open and unchanged. E.g. supermarkets, petrol stations, banks, front-line operations, post offices, news agencies, bottle shops, smaller grocers such as butchers and bakers. 
  • Category #2 - Businesses that will need to close. E.g. Retail, some manufacturing, some administration. Applicable from 11:59pm Wednesday 5 August 2020. 
  • Category #3 - Businesses that will need to scale down their workforce. E.g. meat-works, abattoirs (applicable across all of Victoria) and construction (government, commercial and domestic). Applicable from 11:59pm Friday 7 August 2020. 

Businesses that remain open will be required to create a COVID-Safe Plan and issue Permitted Worker Permits to essential staff. 

Full details are available on the Victorian Government website
Download the full spreadsheet guide per industry, here

Updates to Business Support

Extensions to the $5,000 cash boost have been flagged. Businesses in regional Victoria that have had to close due to Stage 3 restrictions will be eligible to apply. Businesses in Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be eligible for a second $5,000 payment, taking the total amount to $10,000 in this "second wave".

We will add further details to our Coronavirus Assistance Package page as soon as they are available. 

This is going to be an extremely tough time for everyone. We have included some tools and advice below for those looking for help managing during lockdown. However, please get in touch if you wish to discuss any specific challenges or concerns. 

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Free Upskill Opportunities

Business Victoria is offering free online training courses to help people build their business skills.

Topics include:

  • How to run your business from home effectively
  • How to better manage your cash flow
  • How to build business resilience
  • How to export products overseas
  • How to market your business

Find Out More

There are similar offerings on a range of platforms, including LinkedIn. 

Connect with others at our Virtual Round-Table Events

To help support each other, we're hosting casual monthly Plant: Grow: Reap video calls for business owners and entrepreneurs to check in and have a sounding-board to discuss the new financial year, COVID-19, and beyond. 

Our next session is 11:30am Tuesday 25 August 2020. Register below to attend!

"If you haven't joined in Aintree Group's Virtual Round-Table event, I would urge you to take an hour out of your month and do so. I have been feeling in despair and chatting with the team at Aintree Group and hearing from other business people really lifted my spirits."

- Jane Devereux, Your Screen Saver


JobKeeper Phone Scam Warning

The ATO is receiving reports of scammers pretending to be from the ATO calling members of the public and asking them to provide their bank account details for JobKeeper payments. 

Do not provide the information requested! Please contact us if you are unsure if the correspondence is legitimate.

Employees that are eligible for JobKeeper payments will be paid by their employer and the ATO will reimburse their employer for these payments. The ATO does not need the bank account details of individual employees.

Mental Wellness - Coping with Crisis

We were lucky enough to have Will Centurion run a Mental Wellness session with our team last week, to share practical tools and positive thought processes to help manage our mental health during these difficult times. 

If you are interested in having someone come and speak on mental wellness at your place of work, or you'd like to speak to him about counselling or life coaching, we recommend you look him up! 

Aintree Group Office Update

During the month of August we will continue to provide our full service remotely to ensure the health and safety of our team, clients and families. 

If you need to get in touch with us, please email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.