Introducing our very own Aintree Group App!

We're very excited to announce that you now have access to our very own AINTREE GROUP APP!

We’ve been working on this project behind the scenes for some time, and it's wonderful to finally be able to share it with everyone in our network!

This free app has been specially designed by us to keep you up to date with your accounting, tax and business needs.

The app makes it even easier for clients and people in our network to interact with us on the go

It’s free to download from both the App Store and Google Play. It’s compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. 

Some of the key features include:

  • Notifications to keep you up to date and informed about important dates and events.
  • Receiving, approving and submitting documents at the touch of a button! 
  • Book appointments, send database change information all from our Practice App.
  • Access our checklists that guide you through what information you need to send us each year.
  • Use the Info Video Channels to keep up to date with a wide range of applications and tools that make doing your accounting work easier.
  • Give feedback on our work, so we can keep getting better at what we do.
  • Access our newsletters, blog and and video news items to keep you up dated with our ever-changing tax world.
  • Easy to use and navigate - but there is a tutorial video on how to use this app available both on the app, and on our YouTube channel.

Everything is kept together in one place, ready whenever you need it. We hope you enjoy using our Aintree Group App!