How to apply for JobKeeper Payments

We now have the details of how to enrol for the JobKeeper payments program. There are two ways you can enrol: either do it yourself, or have a tax agent complete the enrolment on your behalf.

Businesses have until 31 May 2020 to enrol for JobKeeper, but enrolling after 30 April 2020 means your first payment won't come through until June. 

This is a relatively short time frame and the process is quite complex.

Enrolling Yourself

If you’re planning on registering yourself you will need to ensure that you have access to the ATO Business Portal. 

In order to access the ATO Business Portal, you will need a myGovID linked to your ABN in relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). You can find out how to set this up at

It's important that you allow enough time to have this all set up correctly. We have had feedback from clients that this is a time consuming and complicated process. If you have elected to complete the enrolment yourself, we generally cannot assist with this part of the process due to privacy regulations.

If you are completing the application yourself, you will need to follow these steps of enrolment and confirmation as outlined on the ATO website

As an alternative, we can apply on your behalf through our existing tax agent portal.

Enrolling through Aintree Group

We are able to process your enrolment through our existing tax portal to save time and hassle for you, and also ensure your registration is accurate and set up correctly. 

If you would like us to do this on your behalf we have a fixed price based on the number of employees (including sole traders and business owners) applicable to your circumstances.

This is the pricing we have put in place to assist: 

  • 0-2 employees: $360 + GST
  • 3-10 employees: $560 + GST
  • 11-20 employees: $760 + GST
  • 21+ employees will be priced on application

This fixed fee will cover Aintree Group's assistance in enroling you for JobKeeper payments, excluding Monthly Declaration Reports. Please note this is subject to your eligibility. 

Your Obligations:

If you would like us to complete your JobKeeper enrolment on your behalf, you need to opt-in using the button below.
The new deadline is 31 May 2020. We require your authority no later than 5:00pm Friday 22 May 2020 otherwise we cannot guarantee your application will be submitted before 31 May 2020.

Please note that applying anytime after 30 April 2020 means you will not receive your first payment (if eligible) until June. 

Due to the extreme time constraints involved with this process it’s crucial that we have your total commitment to completing this process and that you are providing us with any required information in a timely manner. 

If you would like Aintree Group to enrol for JobKeeper on your behalf please opt-in using the button below. 


Monthly JobKeeper Declaration Report

There are ongoing reporting requirements for JobKeeper payments, as outlined in Step 3 of the process on the ATO website. Each month you will need to submit a JobKeeper Declaration Report to the ATO in order to continue to receive payments.

This report includes:

  • Reconfirming with the ATO that your reported eligible employees have not changed or left your employment.
  • Providing information on your current and projected turnover.

If you would like Aintree Group to complete your Monthly JobKeeper Declaration Report on your behalf for an additional fixed fee, please indicate that in your Enrolment Opt-In email. 

Our fee to complete your monthly JobKeeper Declaration Report on your behalf is as follows:

  • 0-2 employees: $100 + GST per month
  • 3-10 employees: $150 + GST per month
  • 11-20 employees: $200 + GST per month
  • 21+ employees will be priced on application

Victorian Payroll Tax & JobKeeper

The Victorian Government has announced that if an employer makes any additional payments to bridge the gap between their employee’s normal wage and the $1500 fortnightly JobKeeper payment, that will be exempt from payroll tax.

For employees who have been stood down, the full $1500 payment is exempt.

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