Christmas To-Do List for Business Owners


It’s the most wonderful time of year again…when everything seems to be a crazy rush to the finish line. Everyone has an ever-growing list of things they want to tick off before Christmas and New Years roll around.

If you’re a business owner, we have a couple of essential items you will want to add to the top of your holiday season to-do list; because now is the time for you to be setting your business up for 2018.


Reflect on your 2017 goals, achievements and mishaps.


What did you achieve this year that you’re proud of? Was it a set goal that you worked hard at, or an unexpected win along the way? What didn’t go to plan and what did you learn from that?

Reflection is an important part of learning and growing. There’s no point setting goals if you don’t hold yourself accountable for them.

Set new, achievable goals for 2018.

We’re not talking about “New Year resolutions” (although if that’s your thing, they can be included in this exercise). You should identify achievable, measurable things you want to achieve in 2018. They can be business goals, financial goals or personal goals- or ideally a mix of everything. For your business, make sure you have action plans in place for meeting new benchmarks and KPIs in the New Year.


Plan some time off.

While you might see the holidays as the perfect opportunity to play catch-up on some tasks you didn’t get a chance to tick off this year, it is crucial that you actually do take some time off. Working right through without a break is a sure way to begin the year tired and uninspired. Schedule time in your planner for a holiday, or block out certain times every week for leisure time only.

Raise your prices.

A new year is naturally a very good time to up your prices. You can notify your clients ahead of time if necessary, or even offer special deals where they can book ahead to only pay previous year’s prices. The holiday period can be a slow time for some businesses, and the extra revenue with each sale might help cash flow in the New Year.

Assess your products and services.

Have customers been asking for something this year that you don’t provide? Should you introduce that in the New Year, either by providing it yourself or creating an alliance or partnership with another business?

Perhaps there is a product or service that seems to have lost appeal, and might not be worth continuing to provide next year?


Embrace the spirit of giving.

You don’t have to donate your entire revenue to charity. Regardless of how big or profitable your business is, there are many ways to make a difference. For a run-down on how you can be a charitable business, you can read our guide to social responsibility here.

Avoid an obvious “black out” period where your business goes completely silent over the holidays.

While it’s good to have a break over the holiday period, you don’t want your business to suddenly disappear and then reappear again just as suddenly in the New Year. Make sure to schedule the occasional social media post or write a blog post ahead of time and have it ready to be shared. Even just a simple “Merry Christmas” email to your customers can prevent an obvious gap of several week gap where no one hears from you.

There are always a thousand things to do at the end of the year, make sure you dedicate some time to the things that do matter. And you can always practice your management skills by delegating the less important tasks like untangling the Christmas lights.

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