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Flexible Leave for Self-Employed Parents

From 1 July 2020, parents accessing the Government’s parental leave pay (PPL) scheme will have greater flexibility and options. Targeting the self-employed and small business owners, the changes introduce a new flexible paid parental leave pay period of 30 days.

Strategies for Resilience in 2020-21 & Victorian Local Business Support | Monthly Snapshot

Resilience is going to be key in 2020-21. There are ways you can approach the new financial year to give yourself every opportunity to bounce back, and have confidence in the year ahead. 

Local Lockdowns Business Support Program

If your business has been impacted by the latest COVID-19 hotspot lockdowns in Victoria, you may be eligible for a $5,000 one-off grant from the government. A number of conditions apply, it's important you talk with your tax agent before registering for any government stimulus. 

Surviving A Crisis - Key Strategies for Business Resilience

Whether it is the coronavirus, fire or flood, the fact is if you are in business long enough you will almost certainly have to deal with an external impact on your business – bushfires, drought, GFC, SARS, 9/11, we’ve seen a few. The key is to react but not over-react. We explore the impact on business and the importance of planning for setbacks beyond your control.

ATO JobKeeper Audit Targets

The JobKeeper subsidy has progressed beyond the rush for eligibility and entered its second phase: compliance. Late last month, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) released guidance highlighting where the regulator will focus its compliance resources.

Tax & Super changes coming from 1 July 2020

The new Financial Year will immediately bring along a few new changes to tax and superannuation laws in Australia. 

COVID-19 Home Builder Stimulus Package - Who is eligible?

The Government has announced grants of $25,000 to encourage people to build a new home or substantially renovate their existing home.

Have casual workers been granted annual leave?

News headlines recently stated that casual workers have won the right to paid leave following a decision in the Federal Court. As usual, the devil is in the detail.

Preparing for EOFY in the midst of COVID-19 | Monthly Snapshot June 2020

Our June newsletter focuses on planning and changes for tax and superannuation in the lead up to what is a strange End of Financial Year in 2020. 

Practical Positivity

A framework to help business owners to see their situation through a different lens and move upward.

Staying cyber-safe while working from home

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has shared their tips on how to protect your data, and your work data, while working remotely during COVID-19.

How to apply for JobKeeper Payments

Hint - it's more complicated than you think! We definitely recommend getting the advice of a tax agent if you're seriously considering enrolling for JobKeeper. 

Land Tax Relief for Landlords

The Victorian Government has announced land tax relief for landlords as part of its Economic Survival Package in response to COVID-19. These are expected to pass legislation on 23 April 2020. 

Victorian Business Support Fund

The Victorian Government has launched the $500 million Business Support Fund to help small businesses survive the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and keep people in work.

Monthly Snapshot - April 2020

We have kept this update as free of COVID-19 content as possible, as a well-needed break for everyone. There are still other deadlines and updates to keep track of, such as the new Fringe Benefit Tax Year and the Super Guarantee Amnesty. 

What is the "JobKeeper" Allowance and who can apply?

"JobKeeper" is a measure from the Government to keep people employed and paid during the COVID-19 economic crisis. A fortnightly payment will be made to eligible employers to subsidise wages and keep their staff in work. 

Fringe Benefit Tax 2020 - Year End Update

 The Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year ends on 31 March. We’ve outlined the hot spots for employers and employees.

Minimum Pension Withdrawals Cut in Half for 2020 & 2021

Superannuation minimum drawdown requirements for account-based pensions and similar products will be reduced by 50% in 2019-20 and 2020-21.

COVID-19 & Aintree Group

It's an uncertain time for us all, and everyone is having to adapt in a variety of ways. If this is of interest to anyone in our network, here are the ways we are handling Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our business. 

Coronavirus Implications for Employers & Employees

Crayshaw Consultants have gathered pertinent information regarding employment in the wake of COVID-19. We wanted to share this information for the benefit of our clients and wider network. Of course, the situation is ever-changing, so please get individual advice if you'd like further information. 

ATO Assistance & Deferrals for those affected by COVID-19

In order to assist taxpayers during this uncertain time, the ATO is introducing administrative relief measures and pledging flexibility. 

Coronavirus Stimulus Packages: What You Need To Know

Two Coronavirus Stimulus packages have been announced by the government (so far) to support the economy as we brace for the impact of the coronavirus.

Asking your friends for tax advice is the same as asking them to do your brain surgery

There is a reason accounting and tax specialists exist! It's important you get expert advice from a qualified professional to ensure you're meeting your obligations and not leaving yourself open to severe penalties. Being misinformed will not excuse you from those penalties. 

Expats and foreign residents excluded from tax exemption

Non-residents are now excluded from accessing the main residence exemption. The retrospective changes directly impact foreigners and expats whose main residence is in Australia or overseas.

How do I know if I'm an Australian resident for tax purposes?

Many people believe it is just a matter of how much time you spend out of the country, but it can be more complex than that. There are four tests that are used to work out your residency status...

The consequences of underpaying your staff

It’s absolutely vital to business success that you're paying your staff what they are entitled to. There have been some recent instances of high-profile corporations being called-out for underpaying their staff, and it's an issue that all business owners - regardless of business size - should be on top of. 

ATO Targeting "Lifestyle" Assets

The ATO is looking for discrepancies between reported income and assets. For example, reporting an annual income of $70,000 but owning a $3 million yacht! 

Bushfire victim tax exemptions

Those impacted by the bushfires have a number of deadlines pushed back and/or removed.  

What is a "financial health check"?

A financial health check operates in the same way as a regular health check - you go to consult with an expert who can help fix problems and improve your quality of life!

How to Build Long-Term Wealth

It's often high-income earners who have the biggest cashflow trouble, and yet they arguably have the most opportunity to turn their income into long-term, secure wealth. Here's how you can shift your focus and ensure your wealth keeps growing instead of disappearing! 


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