Sponsorship Terms & Conditions:

  • Please note for one-off donations (e.g. Fundraising Sponsorships), we usually supply a product to be used as a prize for a raffle or silent action, not necessarily monetary funds.
  • For all levels of sponsorship, we require at least four weeks to consider application, and then organise donations (if applicable), after application has been submitted.
  • Please understand that as a small business our funds are limited, and we regret that we cannot support every application that is submitted.
  • If you are granted a sponsorship, we will provide our logo and company details and will discuss an appropriate way for those to be displayed and distributed in acknowledgement of our sponsorship. 
  • Money or products donated must go to the cause specified in your application.
  • Money or products donated as part of a sponsorship cannot be pocketed by individuals or companies involved, it is for not-for-profit use only.
  • Corporate Sponsorships must be for specific, identifiable not-for-profit projects, and/or items that are essential for your community endeavour. These can include uniforms for local sports teams, supplies for community recreation classes, venue hire for community educational events, and local sporting events such as award nights.

  • We will respond to your application within five business days, regardless of sponsorship approval.

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For questions regarding our Sponsorship Terms and Conditions, please contact our Communications Coordinator, Chelsea, at ccarter@aintreegroup.com.au.