Fundraising Sponsorship

Our Fundraising Sponsorship is used to provide one-off donations to an event that is specifically held to raise money for a cause, the cause can be a charity, community event or to raise funds for an individual for a specific purpose. We can donate items worth up to $200 to be used as prizes in raffles, competitions, games or silent auctions at the fundraising event. 

If you’d like us to consider offering a fundraising sponsorship, please fill in the initial application form below and we'll be in touch.

First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Organisation/Company Name:
Your role in the organisation/fundraising event:
What is the cause you're raising funds for? E.g. charity, event, committee.
(If you are raising funds for a charity, please provide an organisation name, website and email address/phone number of your contact within the charity organisation).
Please provide details of the fundraising event (inlcuding date, location, type of event, expected number of attendees).

If this type of sponsorship does not sound suitable, you can click here to have a look at our other sponsorship programs.

Please click here to read our Sponsorship Terms & Conditions.